Party in a Jar

Goose and I live apart. Faaaar apart. This far, actually…

California to England


I know.

But you know, the story is totally romantic, and I love that we met the way we did, and that he’s English…but let’s be real. This. EXTRA. Sucks. But we’re dealing with it the best we can, by sending parcels and letters, and Skyping all the time.

Which leads me to the original point of this post: a party in a jar!

Goose is celebrating his birthday soon, and since I can’t be with him, I’m sending him a package loaded with goodies of all sorts. I made him this cake in a jar, and was inspired by the Anthropologie Birthday Jar, and decided to make my own.


Because I couldn’t find the type of tissue paper confetti I wanted, I made my own (though I stumbled across this etsy store that does some really cute stuff), and bought some of the sparkly stuff. I especially like the ones that look like party hats and cakes. Then threw some party blowers, balloons, a candle, a parachuting soldier, and a couple of marbles into a mason jar and called it done.


Seriously, it’s that easy, and you can put anything you’d like in it. My jar was a bit small for this, but I thought a pair of glasses with the fake mustache and eyebrows would be hilarious, and a party hat would be good.

On a whim I also decided to put together a birth-week surprise. I picked up a day-of-the-week pill holder from Walmart for something like $.98, and filled each day with a piece of candy and a little love note.


Super cute, right? This would also be a really adorable Valentine’s Day gift, or even just a little pick-me-up.

Happy planning!


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