Handcare Routine


I have a gross problem – the hands of a leper. Well, not exactly, but that’s what it makes me feel like. I don’t for sure know what it is, although I have some ideas floating around. You know how it is…you diagnose yourself via WebMD, and suddenly you have 6 weeks to live. Anyway, I suspect that something I’ve been working with in the garden has triggered some sort of reaction, but the point is, I’ve discovered a regime that has started me on my way to human-like skin again. Praise the Lord.

I imagine something like this will work for anybody who’s got dry hands, especially in the winter.

I first start with this Sunkissed Currant Sugar Scrub from The Body & Bath Boutique, a local joint here in my hometown. This stuff is incredible. In the past I’d been pretty loyal to Bath and Body Works Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub, which I still think is great as an all over body scrub/oil moisturizer, but as a hand scrub it is just too oily.

Anyway, the BBB scrub isn’t too rough, and because it’s got a ton of shea butter in it, it doesn’t leave my hands too greasy and what moisturizer is left is absorbed pretty quickly.

So after I get my scrub on, I use the J.R. Watkins Naturals Apothecary Hand Cream in Lemon Cream. This smells like lemon cream pie, and every time I smell it, my cheeks tingle. It’s very thick, and again, not overly greasy, which is why I love it.

I try to spend the next half hour with a pair of gloves on, just so things sink in a little better and faster.

Finally, before bed I’ve been using this Lollia Sugared Pastille Shea Butter Handcreme in Wish.

I cannot explain how much I love this stuff. It smells absolutely divine, and I like it because I can put it on and not only smell lovely at night, but not get residue all over my pillows and blankets.

I’m still struggling with a few stubborn dry patches, but this little routine seems to be helping, and I have high hopes.


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