It’s Finally Friday!


Ahhhh, it’s finally Friday.

I could be completely wrecked after a long, tantrum-inducing week, but I’m still that kid who runs down the hallway, bursts through the school doors, and skips down the steps on Friday afternoon.

The thought of sleeping past 630 on Saturday morning starts making me giddy on Friday morning, though I know it’ll never happen. I like to keep the dream alive.

Anyway, let’s talk about the things I’ve been loving this week, starting with this cell phone case. I’m behind the times, per usual. This is actually for the iPhone 4, but it makes me want to reactivate my old phone just so I can use this case. Is that a terrible reason?

I’ve been drooling over this fluffy brown sugar icing for days. Who needs cake?

I got into a discussion with Goose about Friends, which somehow branched off into him hating on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and pretty much all things Joss Whedon. Go ahead, pick your jaw up off the floor. I’ll wait.


So…I just wanted to take a second to shout out to my girl Buffy and all her demon-slaying badassness.

Also, have you seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog? HI.LAR.I.OUS.

One thing I haven’t been loving is summer. I’m SO over it, and it’s stupid 109 degree temperatures. Go away, August, nobody likes you*.

Anyway, despite my hatred of summer (which I’m sure will have completely dissipated when I’m shivering away in single digit temps in mid January), I’m still wildly in love with summer desserts. This one, specifically. Get in my belleh!

I have become embarrassingly obsessed with this iPhone game.

And finally, Maybelline’s Mauve Mania has made an appearance 4 times this week! I’m absolutely loving the fresh look I have with this lipstick.

Now, excuse me while I stuff this week’s homework into the bottom of my backpack and forget about it until Sunday night.

Happy Friday!

*I’m sorry, August, that was harsh. Keep me in popsicles and s’mores and we can still be friends.


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