Chalkboard Notebooks

I’ve always loved back-to-school week. Not because I loved school, but because I love stationary and pens and pencils, and going into something feeling very organized. Whether or not I stay organized is a different matter.

Anyway, had chalkboard paint been a thing when I was a kid, I can assure you, everything I owned would have been covered in it. As it was, I was a child during 90s and Lisa Frank RULED MY LIFE. Erasers? Had ‘em. Trapper Keeper? Had that. Folders, pencils, giant box with all the stationary and stickers? Mhm. I had allll the things.


However, that’s not in with the kids these days. I’m okay with that. It’s no Lisa Frank, but chalkboard paint is pretty cool.


I briefly saw this on Pinterest one afternoon, but I didn’t pin it because after I immediately thought,  “Oh, that’s neat,” I thought, “How hard can that be?”

Not hard, is the answer.

Grab a trusty old composition notebook. I’m pretty sure everyone in America has at least 2 of these floating around their house. I have a whole drawer because I’m a hoarder, but if you don’t have an over-attachment to stuff like I do, they’re $0.50.

I couldn’t find any chalkboard spray paint, and couldn’t be bothered to go to more than one store, so I picked up a mini can of paint, and went to work.


These may be too fun to actually put schoolwork in, but we can pretend.

Happy back-to-school week, and happy painting!


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