August 2013 Favorites


I’ve had mixed feelings about August. On one hand, it seemed to drag on and on and on and on, but when I think about it, it seems like I was just writing my July favorites. I’m sure I blacked out at least 2 weeks of August. Maybe the heat will do that to you.

There were so many things happening this month:

1.     My baby cousin, Tex, turned one! How cute is she?!

IMG_6666    IMG_6695

2.     My oldest cousin moved away for her first year of college, so shout out to her!

3.     My uncle’s birthday

4.     My grandpa’s birthday

5.     My grandparent’s 52nd wedding anniversary

G&P Wedding 2_2

6.     Goose’s birthday

I was glad to celebrate, but simultaneously wishing August away, because Goose will be here September 24th. I don’t know how other Long Distance Relationship-ers feel, but I feel a bit bad for wishing months of my life way, in anticipation of the next time I’ll get to see him. I want to be living and enjoying my life here, but it’s hard when my heart and mind are somewhere else.

Anyhow, let’s not get too sentimental, this post is about what I’ve been loving this month!


This Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for Severe Problem Nails. Nail Polish wreaks havoc on my nails, causing them to flake and break, despite using a base coat. This is a fairly new discovery to me, and I have to say, it truly is a miracle cure. After just a week and a half of use, my nails look much healthier, and I’m sure are getting stronger by the day.


After a chat with my hairdresser, and finally getting to the root of my hair woes (har har), I changed tactics. I upgraded from a Remmington flat iron that, while good in its prime, had simply gotten old and gone a bit wonky. I’m now using a Paul Mitchell Protools express ionsmooth flat iron, and I LOVE it. My hair always feels so soft after I use it, even if I’m on 2nd or 3rd day hair, and breakage is practically non-existent.


Summer has really been disagreeing with me this year. Too much humidity = a frizzy mop on my head, and the high temps = breakouts in unusual places on my face. Anyway, to combat clogged pores, I’ve been using this Suki Face Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser with lemongrass extract + natural sugar. This is just a little sample I got in a Birchbox a while back, but let me tell you, this is going on my repurchase list. This stuff is divine. The sugar is really gentle on my skin, and it sort of just melts into this lovely oil that is really moisturizing. And the smell – oh, man. It’s like you just zested a lemon into a fresh glass of lemonade and you’re all…lemony and happy and stuff. Love.


I’m a major fan of Dr. Bronner’s soaps, but up until now, only as hand soap and occasional body wash. This month, to help combat oily skin, I’ve been using it after my regular makeup remover/face wash. Here’s the one caveat, this stuff makes my skin feel reeeeeaaaaallly tight, to the point where I can’t even rinse properly without tugging my skin a little. Even as a body wash, I can only use it if I’m going to be using a body oil or moisturizer right after I use it. So, while this stuff  keeps my skin clean and looking fantastic, I would never use it if I didn’t have access to a nighttime moisturizer.


Surprise, surprise, a Revlon Lip Butter has made the cut, yet again. This one is Candy Apple, an easy, breezy, lovely red. Not much more to say about it.


The Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in (001) Transparent has been my shadow for weeks. As I keep saying, this month has made me a frizzy, oily mess, and this stuff keeps my face in check. A lot of powders can make me look really chalky and disgusting, so I tend to not use them, but so many people were raving about this that I decided to give it a chance. So glad I did.

Finally, on to my non-beauty favorites.


A friend of mine was in Thailand for 2 months this summer and brought back this lovely handmade blanket for me. How beautiful, right? I can’t wait until I can use this properly, instead of just fawning over it folded up next to my bed.


I’ve started watching The Supersizers Go… which was apparently a show on BBC back in 2008 (I am so late to this party), and I find it fascinating. It’s restaurant critic, Giles Coren, and broadcaster, Sue Perkins,  who don the wardrobe of a certain  period in England, and proceed to partake in the leisurely activities and food of the time. Hilarious and disgusting and captivating all at the same time.

Ahh, that’s it for August. So long heat and misery, hello pumpkin-everything, and tights, and cardigans.

It’s nearly autumn! Can I get an amen?!

Happy September!


3 thoughts on “August 2013 Favorites

  1. I love Revlon’s Lip Butters! I tend to shy away from bold lips but I think I will give this one a try 🙂 This summer has been making me a frizzy, sweaty, shiny mess, too! I just stay away from anything powdery until it gets cooler. I will pick up the Rimmel powder as well. Thanks for the review, love your picks xx

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