Doctored Cake Mix and Funfetti Doughnuts


A dear friend of mine was having a birthday, and I so wanted to make her some homemade funfetti birthday doughnuts. I love giving baked goods to people, leaving them with full bellies and smiling faces, but as it does, life got in the way this week, and I was left with the sad reality that I’d have to bust out a boxed cake mix for these things.

Boxed mixes are mega convenient, but let’s be real, they have like, an eighth of the flavor that a homemade cake does. To combat “boxed cake taste”, I’ve started doctoring up ingredients on the back. The three things you’re likely to find on the back of a boxed mix are eggs, oil, and water. Blandsville, amirite?


Firstly, unless I’m baking a white cake, I always substitute butter for oil. You need fat, right? Let’s go for the yummy kind. Also, I always add a quarter to half a cup more fat (butter) than is called for. In this case, less is not more, more is more.

Typically a recipe calls for 2-3 eggs, right? I throw in an extra, just because I can. It’ll add more richness to the cake, and make it fluffier.


Finally, water. Yeah, we could probably all stand to drink a little bit more, but I refuse to use it in cake. At the very least I use milk, but you can definitely experiment outside of your comfort zone with this one. Coconut or almond milk? Juice? The choices are practically unlimited.

Even if it’s not on the back, I will always add vanilla. I’m obsessed, and it just adds a depth of flavor that you typically won’t get with a boxed mix. If you were so inclined, instead of doing this (or in addition to, I would never judge), add a packet of jello pudding mix. Whatever flavor goes well with the type of cake you’re making, but vanilla and chocolate are classics.


These small changes will go a long way to pepping up the drabness that is a boxed mix.

Happy Birthday, Andee!
And Happy Baking!


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