Gifts for the Beauty Junkie

Despite getting a head start on my Christmas shopping this year, there are still a few people I’ve struggled to find gifts for. Boys, mostly, because you know, boys are hard. Anyway, I thought I’d do a series of gift-guide posts for the person (or persons) in your life who are consistently hard to shop for. First up: The Beauty Junkie.

Gifts for the Beauty Junkie

This is my holy grail lip product, and I recommend it every chance I get. Seriously, ask my family.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Baume Lèvres – Lip Balm


A girl can never have too many hand creams, as far as I’m concerned. These are two of my absolute favorites.

Gift sets are a dime a dozen come the holidays, but that means you’re guaranteed to find one for anybody and everybody. Plus, they are such a steal, usually coming in only a few dollars more than the original product, but with a ton of extras.

Although not technically beauty related, I wanted to incorporate a few fashion items. Beauty products and fashion often go hand in hand for me. I’m obsessed with tartan and plaid this year, have been even through the summer, so I’m glad it’s making its way into items other than the shirt. And who doesn’t love a big comfy sweater?

Personally, I don’t think the Mason Pearson brush would be a great product for me, as my hair is temperamental, and using a brush, rather than comb, tends to exacerbate the problem. But I know people swear by Mason Pearson brushes, and I’m sure for somebody with relatively normal hair, this would be a godsend.

From France Magazine: “In this fun new book, a pair of fashion bloggers promise to reveal the secrets of their compatriots’ mysterious and seemingly innate ability to look sophisticated under any circumstances. With the help of hand-drawn illustrations and photos of models, fashionistas and anonymous women met in the street, they dissect the essential elements of les Parisiennes’ deceptively casual, highly individualistic brand of urban chic and offer readers tips galore on creating their own personal style.”

This book has caught my eye a few times, and I imagine any fashion/beauty addict would find it a fabulous read.

Paris Street Style

Urban Outfitters

Hair pins are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. They’re just so easy, and pretty.

I’m really excited about sharing the rest of this series with you all. I hope, at the very least, it sparks some inspiration for your holiday shopping.

Let me know what beauty products you’ll be shopping for this holiday season!

Happy shopping!


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