Gifts for The Gentleman

There’s nothing more irritating than spending hours of time and hordes of mental energy trying to find the perfect man-gift, only to find it sitting, unused, in the hall closet that we only open when we need Scotch tape. This year I’m trying to take a different approach, and I feel like I’ve chosen a nice selection of products that are beautiful (or soft, or smell amazing), while still being completely functional.

Gifts for The Gentleman

I love this shaving kit, because it’s a little bit more indulgent than your typical canned shaving cream and Gillette razor.

Classic Apothecary Shave Kit

Classic Shaving

Before you let your man hack his face to shreds, make sure he uses an exfoliating scrub. This stuff is amazing.

Have you ever met anybody who doesn’t love scarves? Me either. And I love that you can personalize this one – so great.

Personalized Lambswool Scarf

Not On The High Street

I love a classic black Wayfarer, but how great are these blue ones?

I don’t know a single man who doesn’t like a classic, simple, black watch.

Several years ago I bought a pocket knife for myself. Granted it’s not as fancy pants as this one, but I cannot even tell you how many times that thing has come in handy. If you know a guy (or girl) who doesn’t have one, they’ll definitely appreciate it.

Nobody I know is really into booze, but if your guy is a whiskey connoisseur, these decanters make a really great statement.

Goose always says if I’m stumped for a gift, he can never have too many toiletry bags. You and me both, mister.

If you’re still lost, you probably can’t go wrong with a gift set. I mentioned before that there are just so many out during the holidays, and they always come with really great, limited edition goodies.

Birchbox Man Ultimate Collection


Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

Uncommon Goods

Another great alternative to the gift set is a monthly subscription. Magazines are good, but boxes of goodies are better, amirite? Beer of the month clubs are always a go-er. Bespoke Post offers a high quality men’s fashion accessory box, and Curator and Mule is a seasonal subscription offering the pretty cool gear, from messenger bags, to designer socks, to notebooks. Of course, there’s always Birchbox Man, which offers a myriad of skincare and accessory goodies.
Why the heck to boys have to be so stinkin’ hard to shop for?
Happy shopping!

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