Gifts for The Gardener

The great thing about gardening is that all you really need are some seeds and a shovel. Alternately, that makes buying gifts for gardeners trying at times. I’ve put together a few things that I think any gardener would be happy to see under the Christmas tree.

Gifts for The Gardener

How great is this planter? It’s wall mounted, which means not only do you get a fun place to grow herbs, but you also get a great kitchen statement piece.

Chalkboard Wall Planter


I’ve been really loving these faceted glass vases from West Elm. They’re sold individually, so you can mix and match as you please.

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love Hunter wellies on a rainy day, but have you ever tried to garden in regular shoes? It’s the worst. These shoes are perfect for getting muddy, and thick enough you won’t risk serious injury with that mega-sharp spade :p.

Hunter Boots


Save your knees, people. Get a kneeler so you’re not gouging yourself on rocks and whatnot.

Garden Kneeler

Red Envelope

The gift that keeps on giving, right?

Apple Tree To Be Kit

Uncommon Goods

Don’t let your gardener lug their tools to and from the shed in a plastic bucket haha. This is fantastic because it holds the tools you’ll need, plus you can keep your harvested fruit and veg in the basket.

Agrarian Tool Basket


Merry Christmas, and happy planting!


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