January 2014 Julep Maven Box


I’m really in awe of all of you who kept things up and running during the holidays. With all the wrapping, eating, and card playing, not to mention the serious lack of daytime lighting for pictures, I really couldn’t be bothered to post during the last month. But I’m back, and I’m really excited about this post!


I’ve been a Julep Maven for 3 months now, but was so underwhelmed with my first two boxes that I considered unsubscribing all together. I meant to check the products in my January box, but the Maven Window was open right during the run up to Christmas, and completely spaced it, so I decided to just wait it out for another month.

I’m so glad I did!


The problem I’ve had with my previous boxes was that all of the colors were just way too dark – darker than they looked in the bottle, which was such a shame. In this box I received yet another dark color, Mona ($14.00) which Julep describes as a “storm cloud grey crème”. The photos of it on their website are completely misleading, however. I’d say it’s a good 1-2 shades darker than the pictures they have up, aka, entirely too dark for me.

IMG_8535     IMG_8537

But to balance that out, I received the first shade that I truly love in this month’s box. Abigail ($14.00) is a “light Peony pink silk”, and is absolutely gorgeous. It really just makes me think of pink pearls.

IMG_8531     IMG_8532

So, that alone could have saved the box, but I also got two small emery boards, which you can never have too many of, but the real star of this box is the full size beauty product, which I’m promised every month. This month I received the Julep TADA! Quick Dry Drops ($14.00).


I’ve heard of similar things here and there around the internet, but never really put much stock into such a product. What kind of black magic makes your nails dry in seconds? It can’t be done. Except that yes it can.

This stuff is incredible! I went to bed about 2 hours after painting my nails and using these drops, which normally would be a huge no-no, but I figured I’d use it as my litmus test. If my polish could survive the night without any creases, this would become a staple in my bathroom. Ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you right now that I will never be without this stuff.

The great thing about it, aside from, you know, performing miracles, is that it will last you a lifetime. One drop per nail is more than enough, and the handy dropper makes it nice and easy. Plus, it smells like grapefruit.

So, Julep and I started out on a rocky note, but they’ve seriously redeemed themselves with this box.

Are you a Julep Maven? What have been your thoughts so far? Did you love your January box as much as I did?

I hope you all had a happy holiday season, and I’m so glad to be back!


6 thoughts on “January 2014 Julep Maven Box

  1. I got the same box and loved it – the best box so far. I also loved the lilac silk, Farrah, and got it as an add-on. Funny that the Ta Da! drops smells like grapefruit to you. To me it smells like lavender.

    • I agree – best box yet. Now that you say that, I can definitely smell lavender, but as I was walking around wracking my brain trying to figure it out, I suddenly shouted, “grapefruit!” :p. Farrah looks really pretty. I haven’t tried any add-ons yet. Next time.

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