Smashbox Wondervision Mega Palette Review and Swatches


I don’t really think I’m that hard to shop for – if it’s pretty, glittery, smells nice, or I can bake with it, I’ll love it – guaranteed.

I think my family really took that advice to heart this year, and while the gifter of this spectacular palette said to me, during a lull in the Christmas Day Chaos, “I know you don’t really like eyeshadow, so if you don’t like it, I can return it,” how could I not love such a beautiful gift?

I haven’t seen too much about this palette on the internet, but I suppose I wasn’t really looking. I’ll just give a brief review, because I haven’t used it too much yet. I’ll be honest, color scares me a little, so I’ve only used the top row of shadows so far, but much more than that, I’m afraid to mess it up. It’s just so appealing to look at.

The outer box is a beautiful kaleidoscope-esque graphic, and the outside of the palette is a really cool, “futuristic” silver geometric pattern. When you open it up there are 4 style cards on the right, next to the massive mirror on the left, and 30 gorgeous eyeshadows next to 3 blushers and a bronzer. It’s hypnotizing to look at – I’m not kidding when I say I spent probably half an hour just looking at it before I even got my shadow brushes out to play with it.


Row 1
Beige, Almond, Golden, Chestnut, Fawn, Chocolate


Row 2
Taupe, Peach, Citrine, Orange, Red, Umber


Row 3
Maize, Mint, Turquoise, Green, Blue, Dark Blue


(Excuse my arm starting here – it was really fed up with my constant application/removal of these shadows and decided to go red and blotchy in protest. Sensitive skin – amirite?)

Row 4
Pearl, Pink, Lavender, Violet, Purple, Black


Row 5
Silver, Grey, Slate, Brown, Pewter, Glitz


Blush & Bronzer
(Top-Bottom in palette, L-R in swatch)
Baby Pink, Sherbet, Glow, Bronze


These are some of the velvetiest (uh-huh, I said it) shadows I’ve ever come across, and the pigmentation – I mean, really! Bonus: I was using a fair amount of shadow for these swatches and there was little to no fallout.

The blushes are pretty fab too. When it comes down to it, I’m a blush fiend, so I’m really excited to use these, as well as start experimenting with some new eye looks. As far as the bronzer, I’m pretty pale now because I hardly see the sun, and it suited me fairly well, but I can pretty much guarantee it will be too light for me come summer, and it is likely too light for a lot of medium to dark skin tones.

This palette is $49, and I know that it was sold exclusively at Ulta, but they don’t carry it on their website anymore, so if you see it in store, you should absolutely grab it. It’s such a great item for the novice (cough – me) or the pro. I love it.


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