April 2014 Julep Maven Box




I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of Julep. The first couple months I completely forgot that I could swap beauty profiles, add on items, and cancel or send my box to a friend. It made me bitter, and I was sure I was going to cancel.

Then I forgot.

Then the colors started to get good.

Really good.

This month, I’m smitten with them!

In this month’s box I received Caitlin and Mariska, both in the Classic With a Twist box, and I added on Maren, from It Girl.

Caitlin called out to me from the moment I saw it. It’s described as a ‘shocking hibiscus pink with gold shimmer’ – it really is a true Barbie pink. I painted my nails with it immediately and have gotten so many compliments. It’s definitely a winner.

Mariska is described as ‘juicy tangerine shimmer’, and you all know how I feel about orange nail polish. Honestly, it makes my hands look alien. But, I’m going to give it a shot, mainly because there’s a photo on the Julep website of a woman who has a very similar skin tone to mine wearing it, and it doesn’t look half bad. The shimmer is pretty though, it has gold and pink flakes in it. I really want to like it. We’ll see – I’m not hopeful.


As for my add-on, Maren, it’s an ‘electric bubblegum sheer with blue sheen’. How fun does that sound! I don’t own any colors similar to it, so I thought what the hell and threw it in the box. I think I’m going to like it for Easter nails.

This month’s box also came with a blush (hallelujah!!). I swapped mine from Petal Pink to Peach Bellini and I love it. I hadn’t owned a peach blush before because I was never quite sure how well it would go with my skin tone (seriously, it seems to be the bane of my existence), and truthfully, it is a touch too light because I’m kind of tan at the moment (yeah, the underside of my arms are super white so….this picture isn’t quite that accurate), but it’ll get it’s fair share of use, I can promise you that.

IMG_9230   IMG_9232

Overall, this is the most satisfied I’ve been with Julep thus far. I’m holding out until May to get my birthstone polish, and then I think I’ll cancel it for a while – there are just too many boxes out there I want to try. Plus, the amount of nail polish I’m currently hoarding is getting ridiculous haha.

Do you get the Julep Maven box? How did you feel about this month’s selections?

Happy April!!


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