October 2013 Favorites


I feel like I’ve totally been neglecting my blog lately, but it’s so hard to sit down to write when you have the cutest baby in the entire universe running around your house :p. But, The Family Circus is gone now, and it’s already the third of November (!!!), so I figured it was time to buckle down and get a favorites post up.

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Revlon Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balm Review


I was so pleased to see the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer and Matte balms in the store last week. I didn’t even know I should be on the lookout for them, but the second I spy a new display in the drugstore, you can bet I’ll be all over it.

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Mini Drugstore Haul


I had good intentions when I walked into the drugstore Wednesday afternoon. Soap, toothpaste, deodorant, that’s all, I told myself. I had a plan and was sticking to it, so I was going to just walk right on by the makeup aisles to avoid temptation. But then, just as I was strolling by aisle 5, I spied a new display out of the corner of my eye. Just one look, I thought, it can’t hurt.

It was the new Revlon Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balm display. I had no idea these were even in the works, and the idea immediately excited me. So I perused the shades aaaaand…

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October 2013 Birchbox


Spoilers are my nemesis, and I will never understand people who go in search of them. I mean, what’s the point in building hype and excitement about the third book in your favorite series only to ruin it because you can’t hold out for the last 48 hours? The same can be said about Birchbox. I spend about two weeks of every month actively avoiding all instagrams, Facebook posts, blogs, videos, etc. about Birchbox, because they, and their loyals, are blowing my phone up with photos and giveaways. A girl just wants a surprise to stay a surprise, is that so wrong?!

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Summer 2013 Empties

Empties posts and videos are my favorite by a long shot. I love to see what products people are actually using up, and whether or not they’d repurchase. That’s the seller for me. If someone is willing to stick with a certain product, there must be something great about it, right?

So I’d been wanting to do an empties post for a while, but I wanted it to be meaty, none of that one-or-two-products business. I’ve tentatively decided to do a seasonal empties post, because not only will it have a decent amount of products in it, but you’ll get an idea of what products I gravitate towards as the weather changes. Plus, my empties bag was starting to get embarrassingly full, so it’s time haha.

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Spiced Cupcakes With Brown Butter Toffee Frosting

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

When I set out in the kitchen, it was not my intention to make this. While on vacation, Goose and I stumbled upon this really amazing gem of a pub. Everything about it was in true English fashion, and it was there, in a small-ish suburb of Los Angeles, that I tasted my first sticky toffee pudding. Naturally, I’ve become obsessed.

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Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm Review

I’m not a lip gloss girl. I haven’t really ever been, actually. For a while there was that trend for super high-gloss lips, and I just don’t have any desire to walk around like I’ve just had really greasy Chinese for lunch. And glosses are sticky. I hate when there’s barely a breeze, and my entire mouth gets covered in my hair. No thanks, glosses aren’t for me.

Except that I just bought one, and I really, really like it. What?

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September 2013 Favorites


I’m never going to be that person who lives to work, and I will probably always complain about it. But despite my excessive whingeing, I’ve really loved this month.  It’s been getting progressively cooler (I say “cooler” – it’s still in the 90s most days, but that’s better than 100s, eh?), and there’s the build up to The Englishman’s visit, and I don’t know what it is about autumn, but it feels so fresh and amazing to me. I know most people start to really get into the swing of the year in the spring, but for me it’s always been fall. It makes me feel giddy and bubbly inside. Does anybody else feel that way, or is it just me?

I’ll stop rambling. I feel like I’ve been using and loving a really great mix of products this month, and am super excited to share them.

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What’s In My Travel Bag?

IMG_7337  IMG_7355

I’m a chronic over-packer. I like to tell myself that it’s just preparedness, that I’m ready for any situation I find myself in whilst away from home. In reality, it’s just my hoarding tendencies rearing their many ugly heads. I like variety. Can you really blame me for that?

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September 2013 Birchbox

IMG_7225   IMG_7227

Birchbox time already?

I always look forward to pulling that bright pink parcel out of my mailbox. I had high hopes for this box, as it’s September and the start of fall, and I figured the ladies at BB would be on top of things. It was a bit hit and miss, which is par for the course with Birchbox, I’ve decided.

The theme of this box is Heritage, and celebrating the history each brand has to offer, which is appropriate as Birchbox is celebrating its third anniversary this month.

But let’s just get to it, shall we?

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