Gifts for The Gentleman

There’s nothing more irritating than spending hours of time and hordes of mental energy trying to find the perfect man-gift, only to find it sitting, unused, in the hall closet that we only open when we need Scotch tape. This year I’m trying to take a different approach, and I feel like I’ve chosen a nice selection of products that are beautiful (or soft, or smell amazing), while still being completely functional.

Gifts for The Gentleman

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End of Summer Haul


For someone who loves clothes and beauty-related things, I really sort of hate shopping. Especially in a mall. Especially on the weekend. However, I’ll brave the crowds for summer sales.

I originally went shopping for a special occasion dress. I have something very specific in mind, and after hours of “excuse me’s” while I inched my way around several crowded stores, I walked out without a dress…but with alllll of this. Typical.

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